Do you know the answers to these questions?

Why do children get cancer?  If someone smokes all their life, how is it possible they may never develop cancer? Are there any safe and effective ways to detect brain or bone cancer in their early stages?

Don't know? Yeah, we don't either.

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"Wish you could have prevented that?" YouTube Series

We are a bunch of friends and family who have been personally or otherwise affected by this terrible, crappy, awful, unfair disease. No one asks for cancer. And some of us can’t do much to prevent it from happening (those of us who unfortunately become members of the "bad luck club").

We are taking action.

President Nixon declared War on Cancer in 1971. The war continues. I guess cancer never met a bunch of tenacious women and men like us…it better watch out. The end starts here.


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Tired of walks, runs and 5ks?  No problem.  We are committed to hosting FUN, family-centric, out of the box events that will raise both money and spirits.


No. 3: Official Video - 12/9/2013

No. 4: $2 Tuesdays - 12/10/2013

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